Businesses and individuals both have need to store items somewhere safe, clean and dry either prior to them being transported or delivered somewhere else or just in the interim whilst suitable transportation methods can be sought. A delivery company such as a couriers that offers this kind of storage in Surrey as well as their other delivery services will be much more sought after than a couriers that has no capacity for storing pallets of consignments.

When courier companies can also provide a warehouse facility it gives them the option to take on a larger variety of customers since they can offer to store goods as well as transporting them. This is particularly beneficial to small companies who do not have the space to store their consignments in the short term prior to delivery or for larger businesses who need to make daily deliveries and thus need somewhere to store their items for a day or so whilst manufacturing or packing catches up with deliveries.

A storage Camberley facility enables courier companies to store and deliver more items than ever before thus making their business bigger and their services to their customers even faster and more efficient than before. With these storage facilities comes the benefit of 24 hour access, security alarms and the provision of racking for safe and efficient storage of consignments in pallets.

With these storage in Surrey facilities being provided by a courier company there is also the added advantage that customers can also get local free collection and delivery, making it even easier to get their goods moving and on their way to their end destination. This can help save businesses and individuals precious time and money and ensure that their important consignments reach their end destination on time.

The security, efficiency and reliability that these storage Camberley facilities add to a courier service is the reason why so many businesses can make use of these services as it all helps them to provide a better service to their customers.